Spotlight: Bethany Lebewtiz

Today I am so excited to share an interview with such an inspiring woman, Bethany Lebewitz. I met Bethany online through Instagram as she was creating her page @BrownGirlsClimb to highlight and encourage diversity within the climbing community. We instantly connected as two women with similar stories, a passion for science and of course, a passion for climbing. … More Spotlight: Bethany Lebewtiz

Coming Back Stronger

“But I feel so frustrated that this happened.” “Use it.” I can’t think of many climbers that haven’t experienced the unpleasant weight of injury. It’s never convenient, always humbling and asks that you decide what to make of it and how to come back from it. Today marks 6 weeks since I have been able … More Coming Back Stronger

The Upside of Injury

For an athlete or anyone passionate about their athletic pursuits, injury can be a bit devastating. Much of our time, energy, money and yes, even self-esteem and happiness can come from doing the hobbies and sports we love. About a week ago, I was warming up in the gym on an overhung wall. I saw … More The Upside of Injury

Mental Performance

I was recently super inspired reading this series of articles from the Canadian Sport Institute (as suggested from a fellow blogger!) on the topic of Mental Performance. : Mental performance in climbing is a topic that doesn’t see as much attention as it deserves. There is something truly unique about the ways in which athletes … More Mental Performance