Climbing Videos

08/01/2016: Follow the links for a few new videos of Squamish problem “Sesame Street” (V9) and Leavenworth classic, Coffee Cup (v9)

12/20/14: A short video made by my good friend and total crusher Drexel Bakker. Some of my favorite problems from life on the road. (Click the photo to watch.) Enjoy!

Thanks to Prattatat for the video! Here is Ominous Roof, v9 at the 221 boulders.



  Woohoo! :) First female ascent of Preferential Treatment v9/10. Although many people have confirmed this at v10, the first ascentionist put the problem up at v9, so I gave it the double grade. I seriously can’t say it enough, I have the greatest group of friends. Thanks so much for the footage Pratt!



I have some pretty darn talented friends. a short video made by CPratt on my first “send burn” of Preferential Treatment:


Another awesome video by Drexel Bakker of Boone climbing:

Check out his vimeo page for more great videos!


Older video by Drexel about our Rumbling Bald Classic weekend. I think my favorite shots are the close ups of Cam on Green Knob sit and, of course, Merlin the dawg :) Such a fun day.



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