Responses to “Mansplaining in Climbing”

After sharing my last post, I felt a follow up post was necessary considering all of the dialogue witnessed thereafter. There were countless women and men who shared their personal stories teeming with condescension and microaggressions (or witnessing these micro aggressions.) There were women and men who stated that, since they weren’t guilty of mansplaining … More Responses to “Mansplaining in Climbing”

5 Myths About Bouldering Hard

*Reposted from the Outdoor Research Verticulture blog. To check out more cool stories from myself or other athletes, check out their website at  With any type of climbing, there are plenty of differing opinions on how to improve—including, of course, bouldering. Climbers now have access to a wealth of information and resources for how to … More 5 Myths About Bouldering Hard

Mansplaining in Climbing

Mansplaining: manˈsplān/ verb 1.) (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing. Mansplaining, though not a new phenomenon, is a relatively new word that seeks to illuminate one way sexism can subtly (or not so subtly) infiltrate our experiences and daily dialogues. It is most commonly referred to … More Mansplaining in Climbing

Science & Climbing

Today marks one week of working in a Neurosurgery & Behavior lab and often feeling pulled between completely opposing emotions: anxiety and calm; dread and excitement; doubtful and confident… It truly reminds me of the same whirlpool of emotions I experience through projecting a hard climb. In the beginning, as you narrow down the list … More Science & Climbing

Spotlight: Meet Makaila Parks, 10 year old competitive climber!

I first learned about Makaila through Bethany, our last interviewee and creator of @BrownGirlsClimb. She mentioned getting to know a young crusher who lived in my home state (woop woop NC!) and was competing at the national level just a few years after starting climbing. Sure enough, after seeing some online videos of her competing, I … More Spotlight: Meet Makaila Parks, 10 year old competitive climber!